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task and GUI performance problem



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      As mentioned in MID-5266, when upgrading to git-v3.9support-111-g4e219c5 considerable performance issues were observed when navigating through the GUI and also during reconciliation task.  Attached are reconciliation performance numbers and Java Visual VM charts showing these findings.  The only difference between the two sets of information is the midPoint build.  The reconciliation performed is against a database and will assign roles that will provision downstream to LDAP and AD.

      Steps performed

      1. Deploy midPoint.war
      2. Test connection on LDAP resource
      3. Test connection on AD resource
      4. Run reconciliation

      The two build in question are:

      • Commit 9908ea34d429a874e685591fdb883eebe32bd39e (May 4)
      • Commit 4e2a554b7b717d439af0e7010aac69e18fe2829a8  (May 7)

      Note that sluggish performance occurs only after the Test Connection of the AD resource using the 4e2a554b build.


        1. 4e219c5 EP.PNG
          4e219c5 EP.PNG
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        2. 4e219c5 Progress.PNG
          4e219c5 Progress.PNG
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        3. 4e219c5 VM.png
          4e219c5 VM.png
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        4. 9908ea3 EP.PNG
          9908ea3 EP.PNG
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        5. 9908ea3 Progress.PNG
          9908ea3 Progress.PNG
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        6. 9908ea3 VM.png
          9908ea3 VM.png
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        7. active-directory.xml
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        8. auth.xml
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        9. f1fbb53.tar
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        10. fc71e9b.tar
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        11. ga36de5f EP.PNG
          ga36de5f EP.PNG
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        12. ga36de5f Progress.PNG
          ga36de5f Progress.PNG
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        13. ga36de5f VM.png
          ga36de5f VM.png
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