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States of processed objects - strange data (almost nonsense)



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      Reconciliation has been executed. During (and also after) the tables with States of processed objects (before) and (after) is displayed, but the numbers are strange (= hard to interpret):

      "before operation" shows:

      • Unmatched: 2879
      • Unlinked: 87
      • Linked: 52028
      • No sync policy: 5270

      "after operation" shows:

      • Unmatched: 2879
      • Unlinked: 0
      • Linked: 78
      • No sync policy: 5270

      From this I assume that the "78" linked means that this task has linked 78 (previously unlinked) accounts

      But it looks very unintuitive. The number of Unmatched is the same (makes sense); the number of No sync policy is the same (make sense), number of Unlinked dropped to zero (makes sense), but the most crucial information about Linked objects looks like it dropped too. How do I know what's the number of Linked objects here?

      If I go to Resource - Accounts instead, I can see the following:

      • Linked: 52268 (this does not even correspond to 52028 (before) + 78 (after) ...)
      • Unmatched: 2936 (does not match the number from either before or after)
      • Unlinked: 563 (how, if the task shows 0? Where is the truth?)

      Meanwhile I realized there are shadows with situation=unlinked, but dead=true and exists=false. Which I assumed, is not possible AFTER reconciliation. Maybe it's somehow related to the false data.


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