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    • 4.0.3
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    • v4.0.2-197-gf444426c0e


      Within this issue, three errors will be reported, which relate to the search bar, which is displayed to the user on the "Home" tab. Errors will be listed below by severity. For each bug, a comparison with the old version of midPoint will be given, specifically with version 3.7. To avoid speculation about full-text search, the full-text settings is the same on both versions, as follows:


      Not functional task and resource search: 

      If you choose to search for tasks or resources and enter the task or resource name, you are only redirected to the task or resources tab without any search. If you do the same on midPoint version 3.7, the search is performed correctly.

      Redirecting to previously selected task category:

      If you first visit the task tab where you select a category and then use the search bar on the home page to search for a task that falls into another category, then after confirming the search you are redirected to the previously selected task category without any result. It doesn't work correctly in midPoint version 3.7 either.

      Missing magnifier icon:

      Compared to the midPoint version 3.7, the magnifying glass icon is missing next to the type of the searched object, which can be quite confusing for the user.





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