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database table resource not correlating



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      We recently upgraded to 4.0.3 and have found a small (hopefully) issue with reconciliation between Midpoint and a DatabaseTableConnector resource.  This was discovered while trying to refresh our QAT environment with new data.  The behaviour is now consistently erroring, however, this functionality worked prior to the upgrade.


      Accounts exist in database table and no users exist in Midpoint.  Running reconciliation should populate Midpoint with users and create a shadow object and link.  However, the users are not being created in Midpoint but the shadows are created.

      Error Message

      • No definition for item INVALID_WORD in IDI

      Addition Information

      1. If user is created in Midpoint and assigned this resource, the account is created successfully in database table
      2. If a Midpoint user exists and a matching database table account exists (no shadow), the reconciliation does not correlate the account to the user

      My Thoughts

      It appears the synchronization, specifically correlation, is not working as it was prior to the upgrade.  The confusion for me is around icfs:name and how that works but I believe this is where the now incorrect configuration lies.

      I have attached the error log, resource definition, reconciliation task, and other information to help debug.  Thank you in advance for your help.



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