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Aync connector is not removing some messages from the queue



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    • 4.3.1
    • 4.4, 4.3.2
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    • Internet2 demo/grouper, with midPoint upgraded to 4.3.1

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      Tests for Internet2 docker demo/grouper are failing.

      Reason for it is the async connector doesn't remove some messages from the queue. If such messages count will reach 10, the connector will stop processing new messages. Restarting the async. update task will make the connector to load the top messages again (as least it seems like that from log) but the messages won't be removed from the queue. Therefore following messages won't be processed.

      If reconciliation is done and message queue is purged manually, the async. update will work until it will gather 10 messages than won't be removed from the queue (some messages will pass through, including removal from the queue). Then it will be stuck completely again.

      Note: purging messages then async. task is running will purge all messages except the 10 messages that are stuck.

      Maybe the stuck messages are only one that connector is not able to process, as it can be seen in attached log from resuming async. update task where stuck messages are already in the queue.


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