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Assumed AD configuration when using ADConnector



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    • 4.0.3
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    • Presented to : Toyota Tsusho
      Subscription ID : 010721455074
      Identities : Up to 15.000
      Connectors : AD,CSV,LDAP,DBTable
      Partner : NRI
      Validity : 2021/05/17 - 2021/07/31

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      I am using ADConnector with midPoint to implement live provisioning.
      Occasionally, discovery occurs and the following events occur.

      • Shadow data in dead state is created and NO_OBJECT error occurs.
      • The AD side detects the conflict and creates "CN=(username)\0ACNF:(objectGUID)" which is different from the original "CN=(username)".
      • If this happens, the ENTRY_EXISTS error will continue in subsequent live provisioning.

      The environmental conditions here are as follows.

      • AD provisioning is set up so that midPoint user registration -> AD registration is enabled.
      • When midPoint user is registered, SecondaryChange is added and updated in the hook script.
      • As a result, AD registration → AD lookup → AD update is performed in one midPoint user registration.
      • AD is a redundant configuration of DNS round robin.

      We are still investigating, but there is a case that midPoint refers to both AD1 and AD2 in a single process.
      I'm guessing that this is happening because there is a time lag in replication between AD units 1 and 2.

      In the first place, does it support DNS round robin configuration?
      Also, I'd like to know the expected AD configuration when using ADConnector.




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